MaMo 2021.16...

I knew going in last week, that the cover I selected for #MiniMoviePosterMonday may not be guessed correctly, if at all. It's not a particularly popular film despite belonging to a very venerated franchise of films. So, I was not at all surprised that no one got it.


So here's a slightly easier one that anyone with clear eyes and a full heart should be able to get easily!


See you in a touchdown (7... get it?)!

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Apr 18
In our backyard, we have a berm that provides a modicum of physical separation between our property and the train tracks that are on the other side. There is no safety fence or sound wall, just the berm. Technically speaking,...
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Apr 20
Back in 1989-90, during my freshman year of high school, I bought my first Sony Discman and hooked it up to a cassette boombox I owned to be able to play and collect compact discs for the first time. And...


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