Snippets 2021.02...

I don't have anything of great consequence to say at the moment, so might I regale you with some Snippets?


Every so often, I find a random article online that I read thoroughly instead of just skimming. Usually, it has to be completely unrelated to politics or current events, for obvious reasons. One such article I just read was about the Mandela Effect in which people come to believe something so steadfastly that is clearly erroneous. In many cases, it has to do with pop culture. Gotta admit, I was a sucker for a couple of those.


Aaaannnddd diving right back into politics... can someone please shut Tucker Carlson up? Please?


Of course, there's also his ludicrous cry about how if kids are wearing masks outside, people should call child protective services on their parents. What an asshat.


Because if Carlson got his way, we might not be able to enjoy the musical awesomeness that is Arooj Aftab and her new album Vulture Prince.



It's entirely possible I may be the only person I know who actively wondered what the H in "Jesus H. Christ" stood for. While Mental Floss provides a solid theory... I WANT THE TRUTH!



I’m not sure why, but I’ve never shut off job recommendation emails from LinkedIn. I think it might be because of suggestions such as this that I find incredibly comical, yet awesome! 


Quality assurance specialist - anti-money laundering??? That’s like forensic accounting scale coolness! And forensic accounting would be the only way I’d have ever become an accountant. 

And on that note, I bid thee adieu.

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Kevin Spencer

If Tucker Carlson got lost on a hike and never came back, the country would be better for it.


The likelihood is that no one would even notice. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

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