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If you could have any 10 musicians who have died back, who would they be? 

Of course I have favorite musicians who have died. Of course I miss many who are gone. I guess if I were to want a return of any 10 artists, the list might look like:

Jimi Hendrix - he was too prolific in his short life that I’m certain his production would have continued for quite a while.


Amy Winehouse - too good and too young.


Chris Cornell - he was dabbling in too many projects and I feel he had a lot left in him. I think if he’d received the proper help, he could’ve gotten to a better place.


Michael Hutchence - I miss his voice too damn much even if later INXS albums weren’t quite up to snuff.


Randy Rhoads - he had too much left in him and the death was too tragic.


Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell) - another taken by tragic circumstances who had too much left to offer.


Andrew Wood - he was all kinds of messed up on drugs but I feel he could’ve turned things around.


Eric Carr - probably the best drummer Kiss had. 


David Bowie - he wasn’t excessively prolific in his last couple decades but he was doing what he wanted on his own terms. I respect that.


Eddie Van Halen - cancer sucks. That is all. 


Man, it was hard to pare this list to 10. So many others I didn’t include that I love like Freddie Mercury, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Prince, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Dimebag Darrell, Joe Strummer, John Paul Jones, Keith Moon, all of The Ramones, George Michael, Jeff Buckley, Scott Weiland, Chester Bennington, Layne Staley, Tupac Shakur, Eazy-E, Lisa Lopez, Jim Morrison, Dolores O’Riordan, Bob Marley, Neil Peart, Shannon Hoon, Whitney Houston...

I could do lists of 10 at least four times over. 

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Suzanne Apgar

I would love to see all of the Bee Gee's and Karen Carpenter resurrected. Such great talents gone way to soon.


How many Bee Gees are gone?

Marty Mankins

I really really like this blog post. The list and photos you have above is everything. I'm going to steal this idea for a future Music Monday post over on BL.

As for Bee Gees, only one remains: Barry.


The idea just suddenly came to me one night. I knew I had to do it. Steal away!

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