Y’know what? I don’t care what the CDC says, I’m still wearing a mask in public for the foreseeable future. I know Katie and Nathan agree as well.


With no promise of herd immunization, a kiddo who’s too young to get vaccinated right now, and the general intolerance of so many people around us, I’m playing it übersafe.

And there ain’t a damn thing you can say to convince me otherwise. 

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I agree. I think they are putting the cart before the horse. Not enough people are vaccinated! I hope the stores continue to require masks or I'm going back to curbside pickup.


I was in a restaurant earlier this week with my dad and I wasn’t comfortable at all. Not one iota.

Suzanne Apgar

We're still gonna wear our masks.

Marty Mankins

Same here. I plan to keep wearing my mask where there are more than just close family and friends as well as indoors everywhere for a good while. Being fully vaccinated here, but still being respectful and safe.


And since you can still get it and transmit it even while vaccinated, any little bit helps.

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