Tonight, due to a lack of stuff to watch and the regular TV season coming close to wrapping up, Katie and I decided to go back and rewatch J.J. Abrams' breakthrough series Felicity with Keri Russell, Scott Foley, and Scott Speedman.

Early on, when Felicity first arrives in NYC, you see her approach a residence hall and the awning over the entrance read Kelvin Hall. The name struck me immediately because I love the Abrams alternate timeline/reboot of the Star Trek film franchise. I remembered that the series is referred to as the "Kelvin Timeline" because it was the Romulan time-travel attack on the USS Kelvin, helmed briefly by James T. Kirk's father, George (Chris Hemsworth), that caused the rift and splintered the universe into a new timeline.

This made me wonder...

Apparently I didn't need to look hard as it's already documented on the web.

Kelvin is the surname of J.J. Abrams' maternal grandfather who apparently had a big influence on the kid because he gets namedropped a lot. I mean A LOT. Check it out:

  • Felicity - Felicity and many of her friends live in Kelvin Hall at University of New York
  • Lost - Clancy Brown's character was Kelvin Joe Inman
  • Fringe - William Bell worked at Kelvin Genetics
  • Mission: Impossible III - Ethan Hunt receives a letter addressed to H. Kelvin
  • Super 8 - There is a Kelvin gas station featured in the film


  • Star Trek - Kirk's father briefly commands the USS Kelvin before ramming it into the Romulan ship that's attacking them
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Rey refers to the Kelvin Ridge on Jakku when talking to BB-8

I know that, like so many other directors, Abrams likes to re-use cast members from one project to the next, most notably Greg Grunberg, but I gotta say that the Kelvin references are so much cooler and I'm going to have fun looking out for them. Assuming he still does that. Although I don't know why he wouldn't.

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Kevin Spencer

Must watch Super 8 again. Love that 80s kids having an adventure vibe. Which is also why I loved watching Stranger Things.


I need to give Super 8 another chance because I did not like it when I watched it. Not at all. And I can’t, for the life of me, remember why.

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