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Yeah, so I kinda knocked it outta the park in May with my reading. Dangerously so. I jacked the bar so high that I’ll never be able to keep pace in June.

Once again, I did dump one book from my list. I just got too bored by it. So here’s what I planned to read…

  • Peter Straub's Ghost Story
  • Stephen King's Later
  • Mark Waid's Doctor Strange: Surgeon Supreme, vol. 1
  • Ed Brubaker's Kill or Be Killed: The Deluxe Edition

Here’s what I wound up reading…

  • Peter Straub's Ghost Story
  • Stephen King's Later
  • Mark Waid's Doctor Strange: Surgeon Supreme, vol. 1
  • Ed Brubaker's Kill or Be Killed: The Deluxe Edition
  • Elizabeth Green’s Confessions of a Curious Bookseller
  • Tom Beaujour and Richard Bienstock’s Nöthin’ But a Good Time: The Uncensored History of the ‘80s Hard Rock Explosion
  • Andrew Barrer’s Young Blood
  • Andrew Barrer’s Blue Dog (Young Blood book 2)
  • Andrew Barrer’s Crescent Moon (Young Blood book 3)
  • Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo: Bunraku and Other Stories
  • Erik Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin
  • Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth vol 2: In Captivity
  • Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth vol 3: Animal Armies

See what I mean? 12 books?!?! I read 25% of my annual reading goal in a single month!! There’s no way I can keep that up especially given some news I’ll be announcing in another day or two.

Yet, for June, I will try to read:

Gino Wickman’s Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business


Lenny Kravitz’s Let Love Rule


Walter Tevis’ The Queen’s Gambit


Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth vol 3: Endangered Species


Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth vol 4: Unnatural Habitats


The last four on this list are not owned by me and are wholly dependent upon library loans so they may be replaced if they don’t come in within some semblance of a decent time frame. Man, that could really jack things up, couldn’t it?

Tune in next month to see how this goes. I’m curious, too.

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