Kim posted today about her unused sticker collection asking what others do with stickers they may have laying around. I responded in her comments, but also mentioned that I'd post photos of how I use them. So here goes...


I have a ton of stickers on my laptop. Only after I started putting them on there directly did I suddenly develop a nagging fear of what happens when my laptop dies or I have to swap it out for a new one. I've also come to accept that, when that happens, I start over with a blank slate. Sure you develop attachments to stickers, but there is a stickery circle of life. When one canvas is complete, a new one will appear. 


Oh, and I also have a sticker next to the trackpad inside the laptop.


I haven't decided what to put on the opposite side of the trackpad, though. So many options.

I met a woman at a coffee shop last week who had a MacBook Pro covered in stickers, too. I stopped to compliment her on her "on-point laptop-stickering game." It led to a really cool 10-minute conversation about stickers and music and family. See? Stickers can be a convo starter!


The outer case of my Kindle Fire is getting dressed up as well. This photo features it opened up so you can see both the front and the back. I still have gaps for small stickers. 


Katie's Fire case is likewise covered in stickers.


Nathan has a few on his iPad case although the way that thing is bumpered in rubber, it really doesn't have that much sticker-friendly surface area.


This is becoming a family affair. 


Katie and I treat the stickering of our iPhones a little differently than our other devices. We don't peel the backing off the stickers. Why? Since our phones are something we look at all the time, we like to change things up without having to spend money on new cases each time. Plus, with phones constantly going in and out of pockets, stickers likely wouldn’t hold up so well. So we take a sticker or two and put them between the phone and the mostly transparent case.


Then, when we want a change, we take off the case and swap the sticker.


More often than not, the sticker I take out will then be applied elsewhere. And, yes, that’s Lydia Deetz and a sandworm from Beetlejuice.


I have a single sticker right now on my RTIC coffee mug. Well, one sticker and a few cause bracelets. It's how I tell it apart from Katie's identical mug. 


I'm thinking of adding another sticker, but haven't committed to that just yet. Maybe when I take that Lydia Deetz sticker off my phone it will go on the mug. That sticker is too cool to not keep using. 

Do you sticker? 

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Ooo, thanks so much for posting this! Your laptop looks really cool! I can totally see that being a conversation starter.

I like the Kindle cover idea! So what material do you recommend for it, to stick best?


No problem. As to the Fire case, it’s not a fabric sleeve. It’s actually a Fintie Slim Case I got off Amazon and it’s made of microfiber, polycarbonate, and synthetic leather. My stickers are right on the leather.



I just got some more stickers yesterday too! I gotta get stickin'!

On Sat, May 15, 2021 at 10:46 AM Kevin Apgar <> wrote:

No problem. As to the Fire case, it’s not a fabric sleeve. It’s actually a Fintie Slim Case I got off Amazon and it’s made of microfiber, polycarbonate, and synthetic leather. My stickers are right on the leather.

Marty Mankins

Wow. Such a great sticker collection. I have a lone sticker on my 2015 MacBook (which I blogged about here )

I might add more, but still not sure on that at this time.


I guess it would depend on your schedule with regard to a replacement. Five years is getting up there although Macs tend to live longer than their Windows counterparts. If you’re considering a replacement soon, then hold off on further stickering.

Marty Mankins

Yeah, my time with Mac laptops is around 6 years. This one turns 6 years old in June so a replacement is being planned. It still works great, has had a couple of repairs (battery replacement and keyboard replacement). It might be years before the replacement gets a sticker.


Get a new one and STICKER THE CRAP OUT OF IT!!

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