Last year, as part of my reading goal, I read volume 1 of a graphic novel series called Sweet Tooth written and drawn by my comic hero Jeff Lemire. 


It is a darkly beautiful tale of acceptance (and a lack thereof) and love and friendship in which a child named Gus, who is a “hybrid,” half human-half animal born into a world where many cannot accept his abnormality. But he fights to survive and live the life he deserves. 

I loved it and have meant to continue beyond volume 1, but just haven’t yet.

Now I have more reason than ever to get back on the Sweet Tooth bandwagon. Why? I’m very short order, a series about it is airing on Netflix and it looks AMAZING! 

Just check out that likeness on Gus! 


The trailer makes it look like the first season will mirror volume 1. 


I truly cannot wait. 

Funny thing… that trailer has a cover of the amazing Duran Duran song “Ordinary World” in the background. Great cover. But wholly independent of this post, I was on a total Duran Duran kick earlier this afternoon because they released a new single today called “Invisible” that is really good. It should be in my 2021 Songs playlist that’s embedded on this site or you can just play it in Spotify


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