The other day, I dug up part of an old toy. It was a bat’leth or Klingon battle club from an old Worf figure from Star Trek: The Next Generation from Playmate Toys in the mid-1990s.

That’s Worf below and the bat’leth is in his hands. It came in and was, to this day, that blech brown color.


I decided it was time to honor the club by giving it a little color. So I broke out some spray paint to re-color the whole thing. Then I painted the handles in two different browns — a darker base coat and a lighter dry brushing. 

A couple days later and this is what I got, although the two-tone handles don’t show so well in the photo…


It looks pretty cool with a figure, too, even if he’s from a different galaxy and intellectual property…


Painting this made me a bit curious about hand-to-hand combat with a bat’leth so I found this on the Tubes.

And that led to another video featuring Ray Park (Darth Maul) playing with a bat’leth…

I should really bone up on Trek. I’m woefully out of my league on that series history. 

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Awesome paint job! It looks so much better!


Thank you!

Suzanne Apgar

Looks good.



Kevin Spencer

That's so awesome! And thanks for the Ray Park video, I'd not seen that before.


Thanks! And you’re welcome on the video. I love watching Ray Park do his thing.

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