And how do we celebrate Father’s Day? Hunkered down in our lower level bathroom hiding from a tornado warning caused by a storm hitting us now that may or may not have produced a twister one town south of us and rotation due west of us that is heading east. 


Or if you’d like to be scared a bit more…


Okay, this wasn’t the only way we celebrated. We did have some fun before the storms got here. But we’re closing it all out with a real 💥.

So, um, happy Father’s Day?


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I was in bed and the rain was coming down so hard it was deafening and unsettling. Then I heard an eerie whistling noise which scared the crap out of me because I couldn't identify what it was. I later figured out it was a tornado siren a town over which is why it was so faint.

I can't believe we didn't get any emergency alerts on our phones. I've gotten them for less severe storms.

Did you see some of the photos of the damage in Naperville and Woodridge? There appears to be a single house completely destroyed in Naperville. I hope the occupants are ok.


You really didn’t get a phone alert? Our phones went off simultaneously and they were deafening. Can’t believe they didn’t wake Nathan up. I haven’t seen many photos yet. Just a few. Thankfully it hit several miles east of my parents.

Kevin Spencer

Holy shit. That's some way to spend Father's Day. Did it hit and cause any damage?


Not in our immediate area. But some of Chicagoland got hit.

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