This just got interesting. As I told you yesterday, I completely forgot to go in for Record Store Day yesterday.

I contacted the owner of my local store, Kiss the Sky, and he told me he actually managed to score three copies of the Crüe set despite 1,500 stores taking part in RSD and CB only 600-ish copies of the set being pressed. He sold two during the event yesterday and the third copy just one hour before my call this afternoon (approximately 1 pm CT), more than day later. I could’ve gotten it! I was going to call him yesterday but figured there was no point. Ojalá que si. 


So I started doing some eBay research and discovered there are a ton of copies available but for far more than the selling price. But I also noticed a guy selling the set for a buck short of $1,000.00.


I absolutely had to read the rationale on this one especially since his post said all tapes are ruined. Check this…

These are all defective!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not actually trying to sell mine, I’m trying to warn you all before you pay $100+ for these. They put a magnet in the box to keep it closed and it seems it as ruined the tapes. Everyone who has actually played theirs has the same issue. At least too fast for love is ruined even if the rest are ok (thats the case with mine) because TFFL was sitting right on the magnet. Some people had that one + others ruined. Super disappointing I regret even spending $50 on this.

A magnet in the box? With cassettes? What kind of moron?? While most decorative box closures use a very low yield magnet, I’m sure it could be enough to ruin at least one tape, perhaps more. 

I couldn’t find much else about this on the web but I’m gonna keep digging. You’d think the band’s merch team will take care of this. We’ll see.  

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I completely forgot today was Record Store Day. The one when they were gonna sell that Mötley Crüe set I wanted. Dammit.
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Suzanne Apgar

A day late and a dollar short!!

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