Our home internet connection is wonky right now. Normally when you hear that, you expect intermittent connectivity, right? Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down. 

What’s happening to us is that services are selective in their functionality. AppleTV is down, Hulu is up. My blog is up, IMDb is down. All my friends’ Plex servers are down, Netflix is up. 

But if I turn off the WiFi on my phone and use my data connection, EVERYTHING is up.

So I checked DownDetector and see red for MetroNet plus a bunch of complaints in the comments about some issue between MetroNet and Microsoft and whatever else. 

The timing sucks. I was really looking forward to finishing up Ted Lasso tonight. Yeah, I’m late to the game on this gem of a show, but now I’m gonna be even later. 


We know we are! We’re sure we are! We’re Richmond till we die!

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Kevin Spencer

Ted Lasso was one of my favorite shows of recent memory. We've watched it twice now.


And s2 starts in about two weeks!

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