MaMo 2021.23…

Unfortunately, no one got last week’s #MiniMoviePosterMonday. I blame Red Skull for being such a subtle element in this poster for Captain America: The First Avenger


I don’t want to be too optimistic, but Everything is Awesome about this next challenge photo! 


See you next week!

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Jun 6
Upon going to our community pool today, I realized that I don’t have nearly enough ink to fit in with the other parents of kids Nathan’s age. My lord, there’s barely any blank space on these peoples’ bodies! I also...
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Tu(n)esday: Dino…

Jun 8
Apparently, there is a long-rumored lost video Van Halen recorded back in 1981 for the song “So This Is Love.” It was done also to promote a concert or venue or whatever. It became known as the “dinosaur video.” I...


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