TBT: Brickworld…

It was about 11 years ago that I attended my one and only Brickworld LEGO convention in Chicago (actually I think it was in Rosemont).

I had a lot of fun but, for whatever reason, I haven’t gone since. I don’t even know if it still happens. I should look.

Going through my photos from the event, I was surprised by how many board game builds were there. The most obvious one is to make a chess board using mini figures as players…



But I also loved the backgammon board and kinda wanna build one myself now…


I really want to take Nathan to this. We’d have a blast. Yes, we

The rest of my Brickworld 2010 photos are on Flickr

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Jun 16
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Jun 18
Annual physicals. Blech. That is all.


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Suzanne Apgar

I think Nathan would be over the moon!!

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