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Jun 2
I dunno if y’all have noticed but I’ve been dropping a few hints here and there about a change in how things are happening around here. I’ve hesitated talking about it until it was so beyond official that I was...
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Jun 4
We did something today that we haven’t done in two years… we booked a vacation! And one that involves air travel! That’s something we haven’t done in just shy of 10 years. Yup, come mid-July, I’m flying to Southern California...


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You saw Dave2 on Zoom just a few weeks ago! :-) But… yeah...


Yeah, not the same.

Marty Mankins

Wow. 15 years. For me, it's coming up on 3 years since Dave2 had an in person event here in SLC.


I think there was one more recent, but I don’t have pictures that I could find.

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