Today, we went on our first family theater outing since the opening weekend of Disney/Pixar’s Onward in March of 2020. We saw Disney’s Cruella, the live-action origin story of Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians


I’m not here to review it at all other than to say we loved it. But this was also our fourth time watching it as we’ve had streaming access since it first came out a few weeks ago. We enjoyed it so much that we paid to see it in theaters even though we could stay home and watch it. 

But we discovered something while watching it today. We noticed tidbits we’d never seen before. Lots of them. Things we never noticed while watching it at home. 

That’s when we realized that in a theater, our attention is much more focused. At home, we’re distracted by any number of things… phones, tablets, books, comfy couches, anything basically. 

That might go far to explain why I didn’t relate to movies at all last year. I just wasn’t paying as much attention to them being forced to watch from home as I otherwise did pre-pandemic. 

This isn’t to say that I want to make a full return to theaters again. Not just yet. But I will see some. And we will see some more as a family. 


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