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No, not the social media site that is supposed to be a portal for professionals to network with like minds and find jobs, that's LinkedIn (although after using LinkedIn for three job hunts, I can safely say it has not gotten me a single job). Also, no, not the neighborhood in Chicago that plays home to one of my favorite pizza joints around (Piece Pizza), that's Lincoln Park. 

I'm talking about the California band named for a now defunct park in Santa Monica and that, due to the death by suicide of lead singer Chester Bennington (third from left in photo below) in 2017, may or may not still be a band.


Back on track, though. I'm here to talk about My Favorite Song from Linkin Park and that honor goes to "Faint," one of many tracks that features a solid alternating mix of Bennington's screaming vocals and Mike Shinoda's rapping. "Faint" was the second single released off the 2003 album Meteora.


Why do I love "Faint" so much? It's one of the few songs to which I can actually rap. I've been a hip-hop and rap fan since the second half of the 1980s and, as much as I love it, I cannot do it to save my life. Thankfully I'm willing to freely admit my deficiency rather than attempt to make a career out of it like Vanilla Ice or Snow who have made it almost too easy to point out how painfully awful most white people are at rapping (there are a handful of exceptions).

But on "Faint," I can tear through Shinoda's two parts flawlessly and, at least in my own head, I don't sound terrible. That's not to say I've actually performed it for others to test my theory. I just know that I think I sound decent and I'll leave it at that. And the lyrics are pretty great, too. 

"Faint" remains one of my most played tracks via Last.fm (once you weed through all the songs that Nathan and Katie listen to on repeat that dominate our personal charts. I've been known to listen to "Faint" up to four or five times on repeat just so I can keep working on Shinoda's parts. It has also been included on many personal workout mixes for the better part of two decades. It's just that fantastic a song. And that's why it's My Favorite Song.


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