Almost any time I log into LinkedIn, I see information about new followers and conversations related to accounts for my employer. 

I'm accustomed to receiving information of this sort from LinkedIn so I thought nothing about it.

Today, though, I realized that some of the data I was seeing was for an employer approximately two jobs ago. But was I seeing anything from the employer who laid me off a few months ago? No. The employer from 15 years ago? No. Apparently you no longer see information for an employer once you sever ties with them.

So why was I receiving insights on this channel?

I dug around a bit and realized that I'm the freaking admin for that LinkedIn account even though I haven't worked for them in nearly half a decade and never did anything other than setup the account for their HR department to ultimately use. No one else is an admin on it so there has been zero activity at all and no one to kick me off or take over the account from me should I try to remove myself, which, I discovered, I cannot do.

So, um, what do I do? Should I reach out and let them know? Do I even bother since there has been no attempt made on their part to resolve it?


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