I've kinda hit a strange place in my reading right now. For the last couple of weeks, I've been without an audiobook to which I want to listen.

I have nothing in Audible at the moment save for some freebies from months ago that hold zero interest to me. And the Sherlock Holmes collection I picked up a couple years ago just doesn't sound (ha ha) like something I want to tackle right now.

In Libby (nee Overdrive) none of the books I have in my To Read list are currently available and, honestly, only three of them are actually available in audiobook format (Mike Diamond & Adam Horovitz's Beastie Boys Book, Michelle Zauner's Crying in H Mart, and Marie Kondo's Joy at Work). The rest are all ebooks of which I have a monster backlog to check out so who knows when I'll get to them.

As a result, I think, at least for when I'm taking walks and out in my car, that I may actually GULP listen to some podcasts for the first time since the start of the pandemic. Well, not truly the first time. I've listened VERY sporadically, but it's been so rare that I've quit a majority of my subscriptions. But, I will likely keep up with David Tennant Does a Podcast With..., The Opus, and, when it finally returns, George Takei's Oh Myyy Pod.

Oh, and my company has its own podcast called SmartBug on Tap, the backlog of which I am going to tackle.


There are 110 episodes, but they're short, with most clocking in between four and six minutes and only a handful at north of 10 minutes. So it won't take too long to get through them all. A week or two, perhaps?

I'm not sure how long this return foray into podcasts will last, but at least it's something to listen to for the time being. And easy to jump away from should one of my audiobooks be made available.

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I was canceling my Audible membership last summer since I have so many podcasts that I don’t get through my audio books very quickly. However, they somehow convinced me to prepay for another year membership, so now I have a bunch more books to get through. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


A whole year??? Yikes! I canceled my sub last winter or fall because I had a backlog of podcasts and I love that you can still access them all even without an active membership. I just needed to find something to spend my credits on because those go away upon cancellation as well. That was tough.


Yeah, it was $100+tax and I got all 12 credits up front. Too good to pass up, I guess. I think I only used one of them until last month, when I used all but the last two, saving those for an upcoming Brandon Sanderson title — that I see actually already released — and a “just in case”.


Dang. You went on a serious book bender!

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