One pandemic trapping I never fell into was the whole idea of working in your pajamas. Rolling out of bed and going to my computer to work just never seemed like a good idea to me. 

I have read all kinds of stories about people who have done it and take pride in that fact. I personally know many who have as well. 

Not me. 

Until today, that is. 

I had a rough night of sleep. I shut off both my alarms without waking up. I didn’t get up until Katie’s final alarm, one hour and 45 minutes after my first one. 

By that point, I had no time for a workout, which meant I didn’t have my post-workout shower, and I didn’t change into real clothes. I didn’t even put in my contact lenses.

I was miserable all day. I just didn’t feel like myself at all. I still got work done and quite a bit of it but I was off. 


[image courtesy of Slothilda.com]

I’m not making that mistake again. 

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