It's time once again for everyone's favorite web show... STATE AN UNPOPULAR OPINION!

On the hot seat today is Kevin. He's 46, married, a father, a blogger, and he likes to take silly pictures of toys and post them to Instagram.

How are you today, Kevin?

Well, to be honest, I'm a bit nervous.

Why's that?

Well, what I'm about to admit might get me ostracized where I live. 

Woah, that doesn't sound great... For you. But for us, it sounds fantastic! So let's get to it, shall we? STATE AN UNPOPULAR OPINION!

Oh crud, well, here it is... I watched Space Jam for the first time ever tonight with my son and, for the time I could actually stay awake, it was complete crap! The movie sucked. Bad plot, bad acting, bad directing, bad animation, bad voiceover work... everything about it was lazy and horrendous and, yet, people love it! Why???


Wow! That's a bold statement, Kevin. You're right, though. With the hero worship of Michael Jordan where you live in Chicago land, you might not be welcome back.

Wait! I can do you one better!

You can??

I don't like Michael Jordan! I've lived in Chicago since 1987, thru all six Chicago Bulls championships, and I don't like him!

What are you saying??

Don't get me wrong, I respect him for his skill as an athlete, but I just don't like him. Never have.

What is wrong with you, man??

My favorite Bull was Scottie Pippen. Heck, I even like Dennis Rodman more. At least he was honest about who he was!

Kevin, you need to shut up now! We can't guarantee your safety once you walk out of the studio and especially not once you get home. If you get home. It's why you signed that waiver! Please, for your own safety, keep it down!

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

CUT! Stop the tape! Don't record anymore! We'll fix this in post! Overdub him saying he killed a unicorn and drank its blood or something less damning like that! Just end this charade now!


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