Oh phew! Just when I thought I missed taking Nathan the 7-Eleven today for 7/11 and free Slurpees, I found out that, for the second consecutive year, there was no event held


Instead, in order to abate the risk of a COVID-19 bloom, they put coupons for free Slurpees in our 7-Eleven app accounts that are good for the month of July. 

Smart. Very smart. 

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Jul 10
For years -- heck, decades -- Hollywood has sought to reboot the venerated Fletch film franchise that starred Chevy Chase in what I maintain was his best role ever. He was perfectly cast as investigative reporter Irwin M. "Fletch" Fletcher....
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Macro Monday 2021.28…

Jul 12
Last week was another one of those situations where I really wish social media had better time stamps for posts and comments. As it stands, it could’ve been Kazza on IG or Eric K on FB that got #MiniMoviePosterMonday right....


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Suzanne Apgar

That was very kind of them, and I'm sure it will bring more customers to their store.

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