TBT: Cups…

Remember the old days of going to a pizza parlor and drinks were served in those translucent red plastic cups with either the logo of the parlor or a soda logo on them?

I loved those cups and totally wanted to pilfer them each time I went. They had a pretty distinctive feel to them especially if it was battered up and the plastic was worn and fibrous. 

I haven’t seen those cups in years. Maybe even a couple decades. But how often do we eat in pizza parlors anymore. How many even still exist?

A friend of mine, though, just came across them at a joint in downstate Illinois and he sent me this…


Do note that my one true soda vice is served there… Mello Yello. On the rare occasion I find a place with it in the machine, I ALWAYS get it. Without fail. I love that drink and it’s just not the same in cans or bottles. 

And to drink it in the translucent red plastic cups? Heaven! 

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