TIL 2021.02...

In the vein of my previous TIL (Today I Learned) post, here's some more fun for you.

Today I Learned that Sea Monkeys are still available to purchase online and really are no different than what was sold from the pages of comic books back in the 70s and 80s when I first saw them and was freaked out by their appearance (both illustrated and real)...


Today I Learned that the Cubs are actively trying to alienate their fan base. In addition to Anthony Rizzo to the Yankees yesterday, today they dished Javier Baéz to the Mets. WTF???


And, just before the trade deadline, Kris Bryant was dealt to the San Francisco Giants.


Looking at their roster now, I only recognize the names Ian Happ, Jake Arrietta, Kyle Hendricks, Willson Contreras, David Bote, and Jason Heyward. Of a 40-man roster, I know 6. SIX!

So I guess Today I Learned I no longer know my Cubs. 

Today I Learned about Alligator Loki and damn if he isn’t cute!


Yeah, I’m behind on Disney+’s Loki series. Nathan and I both are. We’ve actually been watching it together. And we finally got through episode four of six. We’ll get there, but on our own time. Ha ha. Get it? Our own time? I wonder if the TVA will come after us for that. 

Today I Learned that I am terrible at puns. Or maybe I’m great?

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Anthony Rizzo has been traded from the Cubs to the Yankees? I know the Cubs have been talking about the need for a shake up lately but dayamn! I figured Kris Bryant would be traded. That’s been the talk for...
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Jul 31
Yeah yeah, so I didn’t read all the books I set out to read, but I did read four books throughout the month, which keeps me on par for my overall goal. A recap of the planned reads, shall we?...


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