Tu(n)esday: Generations…

I find it kind of funny the memories that music evokes. Be it a personal experience that you tie to a song or some other media like TV or movies. 

Then, if you factor in generational change to that, then a single song can have a variety of associations. 

Take, for example, Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walking.” Nathan recently discovered that song when it was used in the soundtrack for Disney+’s Cruella.


He may forever associate that song with that film. 

Me and that song? It’s always gonna be Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket.


That’s just how it is. 

But for someone a handful of years to a decade younger than me like my brother or brothers-in-law, it might be Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.


Okay, not my brother. Jacket is one of his all-time favorite films so I know what association he’ll have. 

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Jul 12
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Jul 14
Do you remember that post about early morning walks and sunrises? Sometimes, even when it's dreary, it's still beautiful... Yeah, I dig it.


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