Happy Friday the 13th, y’all! The holiday that can happen several times a year or… never! But it’s the inconsistency that I love.


I’ve spent the last five days over on Yondu on Terra (and on Insta!) leading up to today’s celebration of Friday the 13th by featuring shots of a couple of Jason Voorhees toys (Neca Toony Terror and Funko Dorbz) in what I’ve dubbed “A Week of Victims.”

Let’s check the results, shall we?


Day 1: Grogu - ugh, the flash and soft focus. But Grogu is so cute and helpless.


Day 2: WALL*E - better lighting!


Day 3: Ralphie Wiggum - my least favorite shot because… boring.


Day 4: TK-919 - The day I stopped the Glamour Shots and had some fun!


Day 5: Floot and Aquaman - a double slaying staged by both Nathan and me.

This was a fun little personal challenge. I should try more themes. Maybe get others involved, too!

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