Sometimes, it's truly a battle to force yourself to keep writing daily on a blog. Most of my daily blogger friends have cut back from doing it daily to mostly daily or just a few times a week while a vast majority have quit entirely. 

Right now, I'm fighting against slowing down my personal schedule. I know if I do slow down, I may keep slowing down to the point where I'm only writing a small percentage of days each month. I'll look at this empty text entry field and think to myself, "Dammit. What I have to write is just not interesting or funny or provoking or... anything." and then I won't do it. Considering how creatively bereft I've felt for years now on this blog, that's exactly what would happen. I'd do anything else.

Writers-block[image courtesy of Alex Williams]

But I just hate writing whiny tripe like this (and, yet, I do it anyway). Is it worth it to slow things down to try to kickstart creativity?

If I can just make it to this coming Wednesday...

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Aug 13
Happy Friday the 13th, y’all! The holiday that can happen several times a year or… never! But it’s the inconsistency that I love. I’ve spent the last five days over on Yondu on Terra (and on Insta!) leading up to...
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Aug 15
It’s always interesting to see what happens when Nathan decides to play with the selfie camera on his iPad. That kid. And I really need to move him to his own iCloud account.


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I hear that.


But… but… but… you’re the one… the only one… keeping me going. Even Kim isn’t daily anymore!


Daily is overrated. Too often I don't have anything THAT interesting to say. Especially in these COVID times. BUT... if I don't keep in the daily practice of blogging, I'd likely stop altogether.


Exactly my problem! I either say crap or run the risk of forgetting to say anything at all.


Blog when you're inspired - it doesn't have to be daily! I remember you leaving a comment on my blog years ago when I was trying to blog daily and you say you tell the difference content-wise. ;) I highly doubt you'll quite altogether. You'll still want to document things you do and thoughts you have when inspiration strikes.


Have you had any issues since scaling back by a day or two each week?


Issues with not wanting to post? Not at all

> On Aug 17, 2021, at 11:03 AM, Kevin Apgar wrote:
> Have you had any issues since scaling back by a day or two each week?

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