Jul '21...

A mixed bag in July, that's for sure. Let's recap!

1. Music Play: I... I... I didn't make my goal with new music in July. I only listened to one new band that is actually about 30 years old. And that band is British staple Lush. I had heard of them. I remember their album art. I saw them in record stores. But I never listened to their stuff. I was only reminded of them when WKQX FM 101.1 in Chicago played "Ladykillers" one day and I was immediately love struck. Where had this band been my entire life?? Oh yeah, right in front of my face. I just didn't pay attention.


2. Camera Play: #MiniMoviePosterMonday is still going.

3. Word Play: While I still read enough to maintain my annual goal drive, I didn't finish all the books I planned as I stated yesterday. But it was still good and I'm that much closer to my annual goal. 


More details and my planned August reads can be found in my latest Libroqueue post.

4. Fitness Play: I did some fitness work about 22 times throughout July with a lot of walking and even a few bike rides peppered in there. I'll take 22. 

5. Update Play: Done! You’re reading it.

Wow. August. Yikes! Let's do this!

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Libroqueue 2021.08…

Jul 31
Yeah yeah, so I didn’t read all the books I set out to read, but I did read four books throughout the month, which keeps me on par for my overall goal. A recap of the planned reads, shall we?...
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Aug 2
Katie and I are officially obsessed with Outer Banks on Netflix. Part angsty teen melodrama… part After the Sunset… part Indiana Jones… part National Treasure. It’s just plain fun and we’re enjoying the heck out of it. Guiltily so, perhaps....


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