MaMo 2021.31...

At least I had an excuse for missing #MiniMoviePosterMonday two weeks ago. I was on vacation. Missing it this week? Nope. No excuses. I just forgot it and was mildly obsessed with finishing Outer Banks season 2 with Katie. Hey, we all have our priorities.

So I guess I should get this posted, eh? In the immortal words of Cheech Marin in Ghostbusters 2... "Better late than never."

My sister-in-law, Jen, got the 300 challenge photo.


No one officially got Jaws. However, since my buddy Steve B always guesses 007 films regardless of what I put out there and since Jaws is a pretty popular Bond villain, I'm giving him the unofficial win on the other photo.


You might have to dig back into your RAM to figure out this week's photo.


Hopefully you'll see me next Monday. If I remember. Aye yi yi. 

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Aug 2
Katie and I are officially obsessed with Outer Banks on Netflix. Part angsty teen melodrama… part After the Sunset… part Indiana Jones… part National Treasure. It’s just plain fun and we’re enjoying the heck out of it. Guiltily so, perhaps....
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Aug 4
About four years ago, I was penciling little sketches and posting them here with haiku accompaniment. Tonight, I rediscovered an old sketchbook and thought maybe I’d share some of those images and attach a haiku or two. Let’s see how...


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