MaMo 2021.34…

It’s my old buddy, Stephen H (@gundarkhunter), who chimes in with the only correct guess in what I swore would be an easily guessed #MiniMoviePosterMonday.


So howsabout a really easy challenge photo today? There had better be tons of guesses on it. And correct ones at that. 


Seven days until the dead rise from the ark

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Aug 22
Ohmigod. I am so freaking furious with Apple right now and it all has to do with their stupid Emergency S.O.S. settings on iOS. Today at the pool, Katie and I were sitting out drying while Nathan was still playing....
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Tu(n)esday: Kimye...

Aug 24
Bear with me on this weird little game of Six Degrees of Separation: Nathan Style, will ya? The other day, we watched Paw Patrol: The Movie which had just been released. Nathan hasn't been interested in Paw Patrol in years,...


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