Man, Mother Nature did not want to cut us a break these last three days. 

On Monday, it was dark and crummy here but Katie was having driving rain storms at work a mere 10 miles north. 


Then the storm spread down to us and spawned a line of three confirmed tornadoes. Katie wound up having to shelter in place at work at about 5:45 and we did the same at about 6 p.m.


We spent the next hour or so obsessively checking TornadoHQ for updates. 

Yesterday, there were no tornadoes predicted but the weather sucked none the less. Pounding rain and high winds all day and Nathan was constantly asking me to bring up TornadoHQ and other Doppler radar sites. 

The same went today as well. The weather these few days have turned Nathan into one scared little dude. I had to tuck him in under two blankets with a cadre of stuffed animals to calm him down. 


Poor kid. He needs some sunshine. STAT! 

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Suzanne Apgar

He looks like ET hiding in the toys!!

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