Do you remember me mentioning during my whiny writer’s block post about how I want to “just make it to this coming Wednesday”? Curious why? 

Well, it’s because today is the seventh anniversary of me posting to my blog every single day. 

Okay, okay, it hasn’t always been every day on the day. But I've been off by no more than a day or two in any direction. And I’ve always made it a point to ensure that there’s been a post up on every day even if I’m backdating to get there. Heck, this post is being backdated. How ironic is that? Did I use “ironic” correctly or did I Alanis it up?

Back on track…

I think that internal pressure to make sure I’ve got all days covered is one of the reasons I’m taking this opportunity to announce I’m scaling back my blogging now that I’ve hit this point. 

I’m no longer going to hold myself to the grind of daily blogging. If I’ve got something to say, I’ll say it. If I feel motivated, then great. If not, well, no big deal. 

I’ll likely keep #MiniMoviePosterMonday going. That’s still fun. I’ll chime in with a SketchKu here and there. If some news or announcement moves me, I’ll bitch about it a bit.

But when you’re having more fun taking toy photos and captioning them than writing about reality, well, that doesn’t speak volumes about your writing, does it? 

Soooo, I guess I’ll see you when I see you.



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I know, I know. Who knows? Maybe just saying it will keep me wanting to post. We’ll see.


Good for you! I hope you enjoy it more now!


I had extreme guilt on Friday and Saturday but I think I’m moving past it.

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