Tu(n)esday: Kimye...

Bear with me on this weird little game of Six Degrees of Separation: Nathan Style, will ya? 

The other day, we watched Paw Patrol: The Movie which had just been released. Nathan hasn't been interested in Paw Patrol in years, but said he'd watched some scenes from the film on YouTube and wanted to check it out.


FTR, it's exactly the same Paw Patrol as it always was minus the fact that Adventure Bay now looks like NYC and there are several new dogs in the movie, one voiced by Kim Kardashian. When I saw on IMDb that Kim (along with many other stars) was in the movie, I told Katie and then proceeded to try to explain who she was to Nathan.

His reply? "I know Kim Kardashian."

Katie: "How do you know her?"

Nathan: "Dad says she has a big butt."

Me: "Wait, what??" I really don't remember ever saying that out loud, but Nathan's not one to lie. Whatever. Anyway. We finished the movie and went on with life.

So last night, Nathan's doing some of his homework reading a book called The Investi Gators about, you guessed it, alligators that are private investigators.


This book has all kinds of pop culture references in it despite being a kids graphic novel. For example, the pair of gators are named Mango and Brash (get it?).

At one point in the book, the villain is getting some work done to enhance himself and announces that he feels "harder, better, faster, stronger." I snort a little bit being the Daft Punk fan I am and then proceed to explain it to Nathan and I played him the song. I also told him about the two guys from the band and how they always dress like robots.

He immediately liked it, so I took it a step further and explained how samples of the song were used in the song "Stronger" by Kanye West. So I played that for him and he also liked it.

He then asked who Kanye West and I told him. And that explanation ended with how he was married to Kim Kardashian and, thus, I've successfully connected The Investi Gators to Paw Patrol, without even trying.

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