Aug '21…

It’s just been a summer of mixed-bag goal achievement, hasn’t it?

1. Music Play: I did better in August than July but I still fell short of my goal by one band. And one is questionable.


Kids at Midnight
All I Ever Wanted Was Your Love

This is an Australian synth pop artist I discovered thanks to Netflix’s Never Have I Ever and I love it. Fantastic album!


Paul Stanley’s Soul Station
Now and Then

Yes, the Paul Stanley of KISS whom I know very well but this go-round he’s following his lifelong love of soul and R&B. It’s really all just new arrangements of old standards but I enjoyed it. 

2. Camera Play: #MiniMoviePosterMonday is still going. But I’m starting to think I may take a break from macro photo challenges next year. It’s getting stale.

3. Word Play: As stated yesterday, I only read three of the planned six books, but I’m at 90% of my overall annual goal.


More details and my planned September reads can be found in my latest Libroqueue post.

4. Fitness Play: Jack shit. That’s been the theme with working out in August. I burned out hard. I only tried doing anything seven times throughout the month. Ugh. That needs to change in September.

5. Update Play: Done! You’re reading it.

Be a goldfish, Kevin. 

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Aug 31
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