Aw man, I totally forgot to mention that this past Monday marked the 20 year anniversary of Katie and I deciding to move to Geneva, IL, and live in sin in our first apartment.

While Katie grew up in the same house her entire life up until moving in with me, this is the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere. Longest in one town (second longest being 9 years in Naperville) and longest in one home (17 where we are now).


This is our home and, for better and for worse, we love it. 


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Sep 24
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Sep 27
My friend @storywrtr won last week’s #minimoviepostermonday with Baby Driver! If you need a good heist film, this is it. Thank me later. Challenge photos are built on hope. See you soon!


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Suzanne Apgar

Your life of sin was all of 16 days...big deal!

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