Matrix, deux...

I guess I'm actually going to do this... I'm going to watch all that's available in terms of content pertaining to The Matrix in advance of the theatrical release of The Matrix Resurrections.

The punchlist includes:

  1. The Matrix
  2. The Matrix Reloaded
  3. The Matrix Revolutions
  4. The Animatrix

It's not so bad a list if not for the fear I'm feeling about watching the middle two from reading posts from friends like Dave2. He is not kind to Reloaded or Revolutions and, let's be honest, my little experience with them doesn't make me feel like his lack of kindness is anything but honest.

But I will still power through them all. And I'm saving The Animatrix for the end. I actually have heard great things about that one from many sources. Hopefully it will be the nice bookend on my at-home viewing before I see Resurrections, ideally in a theater.


Oh, I forgot to mention, before writing this, I wrapped up a viewing of the original movie. It is still good. Even 22 years later. Not all the effects hold up as well as I idealized them. But still a good story. Really good story.

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