Nathan had an orthodontist consultation. This is the first of two consultations we have scheduled to deal with a tooth that has refused to come loose for a couple years. better to have two opinions and the consults are free. 

So we went to the first appointment tonight. In preparation, I filled out four online forms for Nathan so we wouldn’t waste time in the office doing it. 

Upon arrival, the receptionist tells me I need to fill out “some forms.” The same forms I filled out online. I told her so. She did around and found them. But then she confirmed some information anyway. 

…Sign #1

We are taken back to a consult room where a technician gets Nathan in a chair for another technician to take photographs of his mouth while she asks us some clarifying questions… the same questions the receptionist asked us five minutes previously.

…Sign #2

Then the doctor comes in and tells us she can’t really tell us anything because their x-ray machine broke down earlier that day and won’t be fixed until Friday. 

Seriously? You couldn’t have called us before we bothered making the 25-minute drive out for nothing? What purpose is there for this consult without a functioning x-ray?

…Sign #3

We have a follow-up appointment in two weeks and I didn’t even want to do it anymore. And most of the people we’ve shared this with have agreed. 



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Suzanne Apgar

I totally agree. How unprofessional of them to not have called you to reschedule. Let that be a sign to find another orthodontist!!

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