As a person who works in the web development industry, there are few things I appreciate more than when someone has a little fun with their website. One of my favorite things is a creative 404 page. Mostly because coming across a 404 means the page you want is gone or you have the wrong URL. It's a frustrating thing, so if a creative dev can make it less frustrating (even just a little bit), that's good.


Check out these gems...


Nothing like making yourself feel better with feel-bad emoji exploding across your screen on command!

404 and an 808

A drum machine? Hells yeah! I feel like some "White Lines," baby!

Yeah, these are bookmarked. Who bookmarks a 404 error page??? ME!

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Oct 14
I stole this from my friend Allison on Facebook. Of course I don't post it there. Why would I? It's, ick, Facebook. Give yourself a beer for each one you've done and then total it all up! Been married Been...
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Oct 16
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