I've been a fan of comic books for pretty much my entire life. But, admittedly, much like any other for-fun reading, the interest ebbs and flows.

I liked comics as a young kid in the late 70s when my parents bought me the occasional Star Wars, Hulk, or Spider-Man comic or used them in a birthday goodie bag (as best I recall).


I was done by the very early 80s.

I would buy G.I. Joe and Transformers comics in the mid 80s when I lived close enough to a convenience store that my brother and I could bike there to buy stuff we wanted.


I stopped when we moved in 1987.

I got back into comics briefly in the late 80s/early 90s reading stuff like Spider-Man and Daredevil. I think I even dabbled in some Catwoman and Vampirella (I can’t imagine why) comics.


I was done within a year.

In the early 90s, I discovered Spawn and some other Image Comics stuff and enjoyed it. I was a full-on teenager and liked my violence gratuitous. Spawn did just that.


I ended it a couple years later.

In grad school in 1997, I got back into comics because one of the RAs that worked for me was a comic junkie and we'd go to our LCSs (Local Comic Shops) every Wednesday and I bought a ton. Most of what I dug was published by the likes of Oni Press, Dark Horse, and Image Comics like Danger Girl, Kabuki, Mage, Madman, Squee, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Ghost, Jay and Silent Bob, and more that I can't even remember anymore.


It lasted until I quit as a hall director in 1999.

I took almost a decade off and got back into it for about six months in 2009 when the new G.I. Joe movie with Channing Tatum was released and IDW started releasing a bunch of new related comics that were a lot of fun, but not quite in the vein of the Larry Hama mid-80s heyday.


Like I said, only about six months.

But then I picked it up again in 2011 because Dave2 said that DC Comics had become very accessible to newcomers who weren't interested in catching up on the decades upon decades of backstory for characters like Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, etc. It was the era of the DC Comics New 52 reboot!


I started slow with Aquaman, All-Star Western, and The Dark Knight. Then I picked up on some other books like the rebooted The Incredible Hulk and a I played some catch up with already-established titles like The Walking Dead and Chew and added a few off-beat titles in early 2012 like Peter Panzerfaust and later Saga. I was all in.


And I'm still in. Ten years later.

Yup, today is the 10th anniversary of me getting back into comics. It’s my longest comic streak ever. Heck, it might be longer than all my previous “streaks” added together.

I'm not as big into buying them as I once was. Especially when online comics blew up thanks to Comixology where I was buying 4-6 issues per week. I now tend to check out graphic novels from the library or pick them up second hand. But I am buying one or two titles per month right now via Comixology that I'm sure you'll read more about come year end and Nathan and I make monthly runs to the LCS.

It's been a good run. And it's not stopping. Nathan is now loving Batman comics. Especially the White Knight books by Sean Murphy and Katana Collins (particularly Katana's run with Harley Quinn).


So, no, it won’t be ending any time soon. I’m thankful for that. It’s something Nathan and I both love. Can’t beat that with a comically oversized mallet, can ya?

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