It was a good weekend. I mean, of course it was Halloween, which can improve the outlook of any say, however bleak. And we had great weather pretty much all weekend after what was pretty close to a week or two of rain.

It started off Friday with a Halloween parade at Nathan’s school. It almost didn’t happen due to all the rain, but we caught a window of clarity at exactly the right time and it happened as scheduled.


On Saturday, we finally got our family pictures taken after rescheduling due to weather. We went somewhere the photographer suggested, a former dairy farm and horse ranch called St. James Park and it was truly gorgeous.




And tonight was trick or treat.


We started early at about 3:30 and wrapped it all up at 5:30 so we could have an easy evening of relaxation, food, and movies. Not a single kid came by our place after we got back meaning nobody got these…


Stupid kids. They don’t know what they’re doing. 

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Suzanne Apgar

I love that you wanted to pass out full-sized bars! That's what I do.


With how few kids come around our street, we know it won’t cost much. But, this year, no one. Not one. Zero.

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