MaMo 2021.43…

Ah crud. Another one of those weeks where I missed whose guess came in first and timestamps on FB and IG are so uninformative they may as well be nonexistent. Sooooo, Matt and Stacey both win!


I promise to pay closer attention to guesses this week.


Unless I don’t. In which case let’s pretend I never said anything at all. ‘Kay?

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Kevism: Blister…

Oct 23
Take it from Uncle Kevin, kiddos… hot glue guns and fingers don’t mix. So not good. I’m gonna need a needle, match, and alcohol wipe. Stat.
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Oct 26
I saw Denis Villeneuve's take on Frank Herbert's classic Dune tonight with some friends. I'm not going to say much about it because, well, spoilers and because sooooo many others have covered it in-depth enough (I recommend Dave2's review) that...


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