As part of my anniversary gift from Katie, I received this bad boy…


…the LEGO Technic Jeep Wrangler (set #42122) Rubicon.

I have always loved and wanted to own a Jeep. But they’re brutally expensive and, as far as I’m concerned, not worth the money. Argue with me. That’s fine. 

So this is my way of achieving that dream. I just can’t drive it. Or even sit in it. But I can still play with it. And Nathan can join me. 

Here it is…


Onward, ho!!!!


A working winch!


Did you know LEGO manufactures more tires than any other company in the world?


It’s so purty.

An interesting thing I’d love an answer on if anyone knows is why does LEGO screen print some bricks with patterns, designs, logos, etc., and provide sticker sheets on others? This Jeep has 12 stickers and 7 bricks that have designs printed directly on them.


Printed grill pieces


Stickers for Jeep logo and door handle


Sticker for Rubicon logo


Sticker for engine cover


Sticker for seat covers


Stickers for hood vents

None of the stickers or prints overlap between bricks. So why make us use fallible stickers on some bricks and have really nicely printed-on bricks for others? I’d prefer the durability of printed pieces, honestly. Any insight?

Still a frakkin’ cool set, though. 

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Oct 19
This screen grab was shared by a coworker of mine from the Forbes Influential CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) list of the year. I'm just gonna leave this out there for you... (Once you see it, you can't unsee it)
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Oct 21
It amazes me what nuggets of knowledge kids possess. Not the normal stuff, but the oddball bits you wouldn’t expect. Nathan, for example, has been asking all kinds of questions about William Shakespeare. I’ve been answering in very general terms...


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Suzanne Apgar

Did Nathan fight you for it?


I think they use the fallible stickers on some bricks to save money. By the way my husband loves jeeps too!


It just makes no sense to split it like that. All or none. You’d think the overall consistency would save even more money. Tell Stephen he has great taste.

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