Snippets 2021.04...

These are a bunch of images I've collected over the last few days that I thought I would share. Enjoy!


This is from a listing on Zillow. It had better have solid steel bones because the rest of that house ain't worth a damn. It was probably way cute back in the day, but this is decades of neglect.



I have an All Unreads channel I use regularly in Slack. When you clear it out of all unread messages, the channel displays a cute little image and saying congratulating you for getting through it all. At one point today, the only message in there was one from a coworker about an upcoming audio presentation of Stephen King's Dark Tower. And this was the VERY APPROPRIATE congratulatory image they gave me.

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 3.27.15 PM


This squirrel was looking for food in a Halloween decoration in someone's yard and got its head stuck. And terrified some people in the process.



Someone shared this with me on Instagram. I know I haven’t seen The Clone Wars but I know enough to understand this and get all the feels. I only wish I knew who did it. I can’t read the signature. Anyone?



And to close out with another Star Wars quip…


See ya soon!

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Oct 21
It amazes me what nuggets of knowledge kids possess. Not the normal stuff, but the oddball bits you wouldn’t expect. Nathan, for example, has been asking all kinds of questions about William Shakespeare. I’ve been answering in very general terms...
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Kevism: Blister…

Oct 23
Take it from Uncle Kevin, kiddos… hot glue guns and fingers don’t mix. So not good. I’m gonna need a needle, match, and alcohol wipe. Stat.


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