I love getting alerts like these… in the middle of my day… interrupting more important shit.


Especially with bad grammar… a BS URL… spacing in the name to circumvent blocks… 

Never mind the fact I’ve never had a Chase account of any sort in my life.

Exceptions have gotta be made by the law that allow us to hunt down and kill people that pull this crap. 

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Oct '21...

Nov 2
Oh wow. Time for another goals recap already? Woooooowwwwwwwww... 1. Music Play: I found some good stuff this past month! XTR HUMAN Interior A very Joy Division-esque album that I discovered by continuing to peruse the Alternative > BritPop section...
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MaMo 2021.45…

Nov 8
Matt chimed in with the only correct guess on this past week’s challenge photo. I thought it would be easier seeing as I posted it on Dia de los Muertos. But alas… Hey Guys, this next #minimoviepostermonday won’t be easy...


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Suzanne Apgar

We got one like that a few months back! What a bunch of boneheads!

Kevin Spencer

They are shitlords of the highest order.


Death to shitlords!!

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