MaMo 2021.48...

Despite giving up daily blogging, I was actually doing pretty good through October posting semi-regularly. Then November happened. Let's just pretend it didn't. Suffice it to say, I have only one post between the last Macro Monday and this one. I actually thought I didn't have any so that one was a pleasant surprise. Anyway.

In last week's #MiniMoviePosterMonday challenge, I almost gave the win to Stacy with John Wick. But then I noticed earlier today that Christa swooped in with the FULL correct title and, well, you all know that even if you're first, if you don't have it all and someone else does, that sneaky little slide-in vote will win. And, with "John Wick, Chapters 1-3, 3 Film Collection," Christa wins.


Any idea on this new challenge photo or do you need to use a lifeline and call a friend on the other side?


Who will get it correctest this week?

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Nov 24
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Nov 30
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