Oct '21...

Oh wow. Time for another goals recap already? Woooooowwwwwwwww...

1. Music Play: I found some good stuff this past month!


A very Joy Division-esque album that I discovered by continuing to peruse the Alternative > BritPop section in Bandcamp. That section is quickly becoming my new obsession after I burned out on Electronic > Synthwave.


Closure in Moscow
Pink Lemonade

For the first couple tracks, I was kinda underwhelmed by this album from the Australian quintet. Just some straight-up mid-00s alt rock. Then I got smacked in the face by "Neoprene Byzantine" and I really started to take notice of how cool this album really is. I'm gonna keep listening. Reviewers in Bandcamp who have likened it to Jack White are not wrong. Not at all.


The Record Company
Singles from the forthcoming LP Play Loud

It’s possible I’ve heard tracks from this band on 93 XRT here in Chicago before this, but I didn’t remember. They did play a new track from this upcoming album earlier in the month and it struck me as a lot like The Black Keys and I immediately dug it.

2. Camera Play: #MiniMoviePosterMonday is alive. For now.

3. Word Play: I did read some words on paper and on a digital screen and have them read to me through my Airpods Pro. Enough that I'm now one book away from my annual goal! Woo! Not gonna finish as strong as I'd hoped. But it's still a finish.

IMG_77F675181E51-1More details and my planned November reads can be found in my latest Libroqueue post.

4. Fitness Play: Only 16 out of 31 days this past month saw significant physical activity. Hey, it's still more than 50% of the days this month, but by the slightest margin. I will have to improve upon that in November in some way, shape, or form.

5. Update Play: Done! This is it.

I suppose it's time to start shopping for the holidays, eh? If you don't see an update next month, you know it's because I'm in debtors' prison.

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