I totally forgot to mention that, last week, Nathan had a pretty unique experience. A pair of twin brothers in his class at school had a birthday party at a local Taekwondo studio.

Nathan has never taken any sort of martial arts course. He's never really expressed any interest, to be honest. 

But he went into this party with an open mind and had fun. Quite a bit, in fact.


There was no sparring or any sort of really active Taekwondo or martial arts activity. It was a lot of how to properly show respect to elders, parents, teachers, etc.; methods for getting away from aggressive bullies while avoiding fighting; and, yes, there were a few kicks and punches. 


He did break a board. That was pretty cool.


So was the katana that was used to cut the cake. Nathan didn't get his hands on that, though. Oh, he would have had fun with that one.

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Suzanne Apgar

So, did he show any interest in the sport?


Marginal. We’ve got a free two-week trial that we may use.

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