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MaMo 2021.47…

Nov 22
I’m happy to report I had two correct guesses last week and a few expressions of anger over not having guessed it on time. This next challenge photo is another modern action film series but with an alternate cover that...
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MaMo 2021.48...

Nov 29
Despite giving up daily blogging, I was actually doing pretty good through October posting semi-regularly. Then November happened. Let's just pretend it didn't. Suffice it to say, I have only one post between the last Macro Monday and this one....


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Suzanne Apgar

You're gonna break your arm with patting yourself on the back!! lol


Ha. What about me then..


That could be fun to look up.


I already had some idea about what it was going to say hehe

Kevin Spencer

Kevins are just the best aren't they?


Yes. Yes we are!

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