21 years ago, upon graduation from grad school, Katie and I dove into Sex and the City. It was already most of the way through the run of the show but we could get it from the library on DVD and I had my first DVD player in the form of a ROM drive in the side of my PowerBook G3… coincidentally, the same model used in the show by Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) when writing her column.

In an era before a term was coined, we binge watched the whole series in a little over a month (it wasn’t always easy to get the DVDs from the library when we wanted them).

We loved the show.

Not so much with the movies that were released after the fact, though.

We didn’t even try the prequel series, The Carrie Diaries.

But now we’re gonna jump into And Just Like That…, the sequel series on HBO Max which, is reuniting basically everyone from the original series save Kim Cattrall.


Two episodes have dropped so far and the first one hit pretty hard.

And just like that… this got pretty interesting.

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