Nathan has his “own” bathroom which basically amounts to the off-suite hallway bathroom upstairs in our house. When he’s going to have guests over, we pull the shower curtain closed in his bathroom just to give it the added illusion of cleanliness.

Nathan hates having the shower curtain closed. I assume it’s kinda like his closet door if he had a closet door. Kids hate having a closed closet because, well, Monsters Inc. pretty much sums that one up.

So, as soon as the guest leaves, he rushes to re-open the shower curtain.

Is it terrible that I want to buy one of these and have it standing in the shower for when he does that?


I am not winning Dad of the Year in 2021, am I?

Oh, the therapy costs. 

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Suzanne Apgar

Don't you dare do that! As a little girl under the age of 8, I had a closet in my room that scared the bejesus out of me. It was real deep and difficult to see all the way to the back. Your father had the chance to see it a few years ago when we went over to Bryn Mawr and got a tour of the old homestead. I still need to have all closet doors closed before I go to bed.

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